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Last night, bettyjoan and I co-hosted the first DC Food Blogger Potluck. It was such a fantastic opportunity to meet so many great new people and talk food. I have not been this full since Thanksgiving, but it is worth it. (Seriously, day later, still full.)

Represented was: DC Food Blog, Food Rockz, Looking2Live, Jacob Grier, Kitchen Tango, Spork and Knife, So Good, Draw Conclusions on the Wall, and EatFoo(d).

The food was awesome, the company was even better and we cannot wait to hold another one.

Pictures really cannot do this justice but here are a few…


Mixologist Jake Mixes it Up


Israeli Cous Cous Salad, Curry Potatoes, Irish Beef Stew, Brussel Sprout Hash, bettyjoans Spinach Dip


Irish Soda Bread, Rosemary Whole Wheat Bread, Mint Brownie Bars, Rum Cake, Armaretto Cake


Me and bettyjoan, feeling pleased with how things went

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Defining Irony

Going over my blog stats today, I noticed this linked to me.Somehow, a semi-rant I threw up in November about Sandra Lee ended up on a fan website dedicated to Aunt Sandy.I will never turn away traffic, but if vegetarian websites start linking to me, we are gonna have a problem.   

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